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Taiwan Exchange Owner to Run for Mayor

April 30, 2018

Taiwan cryptocurrency exchange owner to run for Mayor

Taiwan Exchange owner Mayor
Cryptocurrency exchange CEO Cheng Yi-ting aims to become mayor of Taipei.

While central governments around the world are debating whether to liberalize or regulate cryptocurrency, the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, might be set to undergo more changes than most.

It’s a well-known fact that Taiwan hasn’t yet decided how to approach cryptocurrency usage, but a new potential mayor in Taipei may just get the ball rolling. OTCBTC cryptocurrency exchange CEO Cheng Yi-ting has declared she will be running for mayor in the upcoming November election, with a desire to change the country’s approach to cryptocurrency. Cheng believes Taiwan’s current politicians and candidates are disconnected from technology and business and hopes to address that.

Cheng is not affiliated with any party but will be going go head to head with strong political contenders in the hopes of achieving a world-first. If successful, she wants to create a stronger cryptocurrency trade in the capital city which would have the flow on effect of more jobs and increased foreign capital. What’s more, it would create the need for a cryptocurrency education program which could benefit the financial sector in more ways than one.

Cheng’s exchange OTCBTC has over 30,000 clients, has a daily trading volume of close to $16 million, and continues to bloom as cryptocurrency as a whole becomes more mainstream. She hopes to use some of this success and knowledge to make Taiwan a “major digital currency nation.”