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The Price of Litecoin

Litecoin is fast-becoming a popular cryptocurrency to invest in, and as we delve into the Litecoin price history, it will become apparent as to why. Litecoin was first released in October of 2011 as a fork of the Bitcoin Core client. It differed from Bitcoin in the respect that it had a different hashing algorithm, a modified GUI, and even had a decreased block generation time of two and a half minutes.

Litecoin Price History

In April of 2013, the price of Litecoin was just a mere $4.35. If you look at the Litecoin price now, it’s clear to see it has come a long way. However, it has had its fair share of ups and downs, as has most forms of cryptocurrency.

By October of the same year, the Litecoin price dropped to just $1.98 and remained between $1 and $3 before finally hitting $4 in November, and $9.37 on November 18 – a rise of over 130 percent in less than one month. By the end of November, it had hit the $10 mark, before finally, on November 26, it reached $20. It’s clear to see the aggregate value of Litecoin experienced phenomenal growth and it was during this month that Litecoin reached a $1 billion market capitalization, as well.

However, while it seems like November was the most lucrative month for the price of Litecoin in 2013, December was going to be even better. Just four days in, the Litecoin price graph was showing a year high of $44.73. This was, in fact, the best Litecoin to USD rate for 2013.

Litecoin to USD Price:

When 2014 rolled around, the Litecoin price in USD in January was off to a good start, at $24.62. It then remained consistently at around the $20 mark before closing off in February at $13.23. Unfortunately, the LTC to USD rate continued to decrease as the year progressed until it reached a low of $3.71 in August – a far cry from the Litecoin price today that we see.

Over the 2014 year, the Litecoin to USD price did not alter much, and in fact, you could say it remained consistent – if such a term exists when it comes to cryptocurrency. It sat between $2 and $4 for the majority of the time, and then started the new year of 2015 off in at $2.67.

Until March 30, 2017, the world forgot about Litecoin. Of course, investments take time to grow, but it seemed there was no growth at all. However, the Litecoin to USD price finally broke the $6 mark at $6.98m with a market cap of 210, 627, 000 and almost doubled in April when it broke $11.

Litecoin Price Exchange and Current Value

By May, Litecoin finally found its footing. It hit $21, and became the one of the five, determined by market cap, to adopt Segregated Witness. May also marked another milestone – the first Lightning Network Transaction, where 0.00000001 LTC was transferred to San Francisco from Zurich in a little under one second. It was monumental and spelled the beginning of something big for Litecoin.

From May 2017 through to August, Litecoin continued to grow to upwards of $50. However, by September, it had broken through the barrier achieve a Litecoin to USD value of $86.04. Litecoin price charts then indicated that during the later months of 2017, the Litecoin price remained steady, fluctuating between $50 and $60.

The Future Price of Litecoin

However, those watching the Litecoin price live in December were sure to be feeling suspense, as the $100 mark was finally met. On December 2, the day closed with the Litecoin price exchange showing a value of $100.28. This price remained consistent until December 6, before it jumped to a phenomenal $358.34 on December 18. Litecoin price charts of all time also showed it fluctuated between $200 and $300 for a number of days, before being worth just $142.30 in February of 2018. Also in February, major online retailer Alza began accepting Litecoin as a valid payment method, which may prove lucrative when you compare what the Litecoin price was in January, to what the Litecoin price is now, and what it may be in future.

The price history of Litecoin tells us a lot of about its past, but it also tells us a lot about its future. At consistent periods, Litecoin reached significant milestones, then following on from those milestones, the price either stayed the same for a period or dramatically increased. Time will only tell what we can expect from Litecoin next.