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Litecoin Added to Cryptocurrency Wallet App Wirex

April 29, 2018

Litecoin Added Wallet App Wirex

Wirex just announced the addition of Litecoin to the crypto wallet. Litecoin, being one of the top competitors of Bitcoin, has finally proved its worth to be recognized by Wirex.

With the help of Wirex, people are available to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies like the Euro and USD. Furthermore, you can also purchase crypto coins by converting your cash into the digital form. You can also spend it with the Wirex Visa card anywhere in the world.

This is the first altcoin to be included in Wirex’s wallet app. The reason Wirex felt the need to add Litecoin is because it has turned out to be quicker than BTC when it comes to processing the transaction, and that too with barely any blockchain fees. Additionally, Litecoin is already showing signs of becoming a globally recognized payment method accepted by major brands in the near future. Let’s see how many more altcoins join the list in the coming months.