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IOSToken (IOST): The Newest Crypto

May 10, 2018

IOS Token

IOSToken (IOST):

A New Player to the Game and What it Could Mean

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency continues to be an enigma for many people. Whether you’ve already invested, you’re looking to, or you’re just in the beginning stages of gathering information, you’re sure to find there is a lot to consider. However, what people are beginning to see – even those with no previous knowledge of cryptocurrency – is that it’s the small players that are now driving the value.

While, of course, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and all those larger players are still significant leaders in the field, it is now evident that altcoins are on the rise. Many people believe this is because while the leading coins are involved in a slump, investors are looking to bank on something else that may hold equal value in the future. While they wait for Bitcoin and others to catch up to their historical values, they are not adverse to seeing what altcoins have to offer as well.

This frame of mind is much to the benefit of new players to the game such as IOSToken (IOST), a new altcoin. With several new investors and a promising future, there’s every possibility that it could become the “next big thing.”

IOST operates by enabling investors, or users, to turn their services into cash. It’s run on smart contracts, so is wholly inspired by Ethereum, and has caused a flurry of activity in the crypto community. The trading volume of IOST has also surged so dramatically that it may be, soon, seen as a threat to the leading players.


Why could IOST be the next big thing?

Those who are looking to invest in an altcoin need to do their research. It’s not feasible to throw money at each altcoin that hits the market without believing that it has something new and refreshing to offer the marketplace – a point of difference. That’s why IOST is considered to be an investment that’s well worth your while. It bucks the trend in so many ways while delivering on potential in all avenues.

It runs on smart contracts, operates like Amazon or Alibaba without being centralized, and is an entirely seamless provider. What’s more, it offers high-end security features that many other centralized providers cannot, while being blockchain-based at the same time. With several high-end investors now seeing its value, it’s clear that there’s something special about this coin.


What does the future hold for its value?

Regarding its market reach at the moment, the future is most certainly looking bright for IOSToken. It’s trading at $0.07 as of May 10, 2018, and has a market capitalization of $612,618,705 putting its ranking at 50. There is also talk that it could be added to Korean exchanges. As it’s a well-known fact that South Korea is one of the largest markets, this can be hugely beneficial for the coin.  It continues to rise through the ranks, and there’s every reason to believe investors can benefit greatly from it.

IOSToken (IOST) is just one of many promising altcoins that are well worth further inspection. As we wait for leading cryptocurrencies to grow back in value, there’s no harm in finding out how profitable altcoins could be for your portfolio.