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Hackers Hijack Vertcoin’s Official Twitter Account

May 2, 2018

Vertcoin Hacked


Following a recent public announcement, it was ascertained that Vertcoin’s official Twitter account has been hacked and developers have advised to refrain from accepting any offer.

Yesterday, just after 20:00 UTC, a tweet popped up from Vertcoin in which they announced a ten BTC give away.

Hey, everyone! Vertcoin and staff are pleased to announce that we’re doing a 10 BTC giveaway to our followers to celebrate Vertcoin’s success. Send 0.005 to 3HU5sj7kB6wT9zRwpbhCRrR28vKWjfkMKf enter! Winner will be announced 5/3/18 at 8 pm EST.

— Vertcoin (@Vertcoin) May 1, 2018

However, this tweet seemed suspicious the moment it was posted as this offer wasn’t posted anywhere else and it also looked similar to past crypto scams.

Shortly after, lead developer James Lovejoy also tweeted, informing all that Vertcoin’s account had indeed been hacked.

Although the tweet wasn’t removed, no other post was seen from the account. Only one person seems to have fallen prey to the scam as a transaction of 0.005 BTC was recorded to the link provided in the giveaway.