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GladAge (GAC) Coin: Cryptocurrency for Seniors

May 27, 2018
GladAge (GAC) is a revolutionary new Ethereum blockchain-based network for eldercare services.


If you thought cryptocurrency and blockchain were only for the young and technology-minded, think again. A new kid on the block, GladAge with its coin GAC, is now taking center stage. And, that stage is right in the middle of the older generation.

It’s no secret that the global population is only getting older. While traditionally families would have six or seven children, there are now more and more people choosing to have none at all. Mix the decline in reproduction with the medical advancements that are keeping us alive for longer, and you have a population that will eventually put a significant strain on elder care services.

GladAge, operated by an Australian blockchain company, aims to bridge the gap, provide a way in which older people can take control of their care, and ultimately put the decision-making back into the hands of those who require elder services. It’s powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is a decentralized elder care ecosystem that addresses many of the problems we are beginning to face and will continue to face in the years to come.

How does GladAge (GAC) work?

Even though GAC is a cryptocurrency in which you can invest, its primary purpose is for use as a decentralized blockchain system for the elderly. You can select the level of care you require, the services you may need, the equipment necessary to help in daily life, as well as real estate. What’s more, you can review various caregivers and select whether you wish to live in a GladAge property or one that’s leased.

Both those in need of elder products and services, as well as those who supply them, can use GladAge. It’s a single platform, allows peer-to-peer transactions and is a one-stop-shop for property management, transportation, meal services, companionship, caregiving, and more. Transactions can also take place using the GAC coin.

What is the GAC token?

GAC backs every transaction that takes place on the GladAge network. It’s built on the ERC23 standard, and there is a presale of GAC until May 30, 2018. If you purchase GAC now, you benefit from a 25 percent discount. In total, there will be 500 million tokens, with over half distributed to the general public, over 20 percent to the founders, and 15 percent in holding by the operators. There is then around eight percent left over for various activities.

This new blockchain could be the beginning of solving the eldercare crisis. It can be a lucrative investment opportunity, a boost in business for elder care service provides, and a helping hand for those who may require eldercare services now and into the future.