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EOS Price Chart

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The Price of EOS

EOS tokens, a popular option on the cryptocurrency market, are tokens that are ERC-20 compatible, distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. They have no predetermined price, are distributed over 341 days for broad coverage, and are completely transparent.

There are many benefits associated with purchasing EOS, and you just need to look at the EOS price today, and EOS price charts of all time, to see that there could be money to be made. While it started off slow in July of 2017, it’s only a matter of time before the EOS to USD price becomes something of which people are taking notice.

One of the many benefits of EOS is that the platform is scalable. Developers can create many different applications while running decentralized applications at the same time – such is the advantage of parallel executions. This feature alone is enough to predict a rise in the EOS to USD value as many enterprise-level clients will see this benefit as a profound one. If you’re looking to invest in EOS, we’ve included a rundown of the EOS price history, and EOS price charts, below.

Price History and Value of EOS

EOS is a relatively new cryptocurrency, but the future is looking bright for the EOS to USD rate – much to the delight of investors. The EOS token supply is capped at one billion, and you can stake tokens to power the bandwidth of the blockchain, the storage capabilities, and the computational power. What’s more, EOS is going to be the first blockchain with its own constitution – a revolutionary feature.

Whenever a new cryptocurrency hits the market, a sure-fire sign of its future success is what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies. In the months to come, this feature is sure to show some exciting activity on EOS price graphs. And, if it’s not that excellent feature that has investors keeping an eye on the EOS price exchange, it’s the transactional rate that will. EOS can process millions of transactions per second – something that more distinguished cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin just can’t do (yet).

Value of EOS

Because EOS is a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency game, it’s worth keeping an eye on the EOS price live before you decide to invest. However, by looking at the price of EOS today, all the way back to July of 2017, you will see that it can only get better from here.

In July of 2017, it had barely broken the one dollar mark, closing at just $1.01. By August, it had barely moved, and in four weeks had risen only 77 cents. If you had chosen to invest then, you would be disappointed to know that by September, it was worth only 85 cents, a 26 cent loss in less than three months. However, it hadn’t finished falling. The EOS price in USD reached an all-time low in October 2017, when it fell to just 0.49 cents. It would take a full four weeks before it broke that dollar mark again, hitting $1.05 in November.

If you considered, at this point, pulling out your money, early November wasn’t the time. By the end of the month, it had doubled in value, reaching $2.05, before reaching an all-time high of $12.38 in December. This was a staggering 1,125 percent increase on its original value of $1.01 in July of the same year.

EOS to USD Price

The EOS price in USD grew by leaps and bounds in 2017, but 2018 was going to be a new year altogether. By January 12, 2018, the EOS to USD price had reached $13.75, before hitting $16.23 just one day later. Investors were beginning to rub their hands together.

However, EOS was proving to be quite volatile, at least in the beginning. As quick as it had risen – by as much as 1,000 percent in some cases, it could drop just as quickly. In March of 2018, it fluctuated between $4 and $7, settling at approximately $6.50 towards the end of the month. However, if you’re wondering whether you should risk investing in a currency that appears to be still gaining traction, the answer is yes. The price prognosis for EOS is expected to be over $102 by 2023, and within five years, a $100 investment could be worth as much as $1,570.

The Future Price of EOS

The future price of EOS is looking bright, and investors are expecting to see it rise from the March 2018 price of around $6.50 to an end-of-year price of $37, or more. When you tie in this figure with the potential of the platform itself, it’s clear to see there is money to be made. What’s more, with five-year forecasts showing values of around $143, even the smallest investor can make their millions if they play their cards right. Look at the EOS to USD price today, keep an eye on EOS price charts, and play the long game.