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Crypto Frauds Force UK Finance Guru to Sue Facebook

April 30, 2018

Martin Lewis, a finance guru, and prominent UK television personality, has filed a lawsuit against the social media giant Facebook, stating that the website has failed to stop fake adverts. These adverts have featured his name and face without his permission. The adverts have also been found to lead many users to crypto scams.

According to Lewis, in 2017 alone, Facebook has approved over 50 fake posts which featured the name and face of the actor. Many of these posts also lead to popular UK news publishing websites like BBC and The Mirror.

Two particular scams that he named are get-rich-schemes, Cloud Trader and Bitcoin Code. He stated, “Enough is enough. I’ve been fighting for over a year to stop Facebook letting scammers use my name and face to rip off vulnerable people – yet it continues. I feel sick each time I hear of another victim being conned because of trust they wrongly thought they were placing in me. One lady had over £100,000 taken from her.”

Lewis has called out Facebook to take responsibility for the loss people have gone through with these fraudulent posts and stop further scams from taking place. So far, Facebook hasn’t made any comments in response; we’ll have to wait for the battle to progress.