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The Price of Cardano (ADA)

Cardano, a distributed computing platform running a blockchain for ADA cryptocurrency, has been deemed a threat to the market dominance of Ethereum and Ripple. As of March 2018, the Cardano price in USD was 0.16 cents, and it had faced declines over the month of around eight percent. In March of 2018, a simple glance at Cardano price exchanges would show that it had a market cap of $4.3 million, and was situated in Cardano price charts at seventh in the Crypto market.

Like many cryptocurrencies on the market, we can only predict what the Cardano to USD value will be but read below to find out what Cardano price history tells us, and what we can expect for this cryptocurrency and computing platform in the future.

Price History and Value of Cardano (ADA)

As of March 2018, we know that the ADA to USD rate was around 0.16 cents. However, we also know that in as many days as it had risen, it could fall by as much as eight percent, if not more. Cardano has only been around since 2015, and we know from history that Bitcoin, too, had slow beginnings. Are we going to see another Bitcoin? Only time will tell.

On October 1, 2017, you could buy a single ADA for just 0.02 cents. Right through until November 25 of the same year, the price had barely fluctuated and was only 0.03 cents. Three days later, however, it did rise to 0.11 cents, paving the way for an upward trend.

By December 14, buyers would pay as much as 24 cents, and the price of Cardano, according to many was expected to rise in the following days. Three days later, that was proved right. Cardano price graphs showed an upward trend to close the day at an ADA to USD rate of 0.51 cents, 1,942 percent higher than its opening rate the previous October. Investors were starting to take notice, keeping an eye on the Cardano price live, and wondering whether it was time to open their wallets.

By January 3, it was a new year surprise, and the Cardano price finally hit the dollar mark. In fact, for one week, the Cardano to USD price fluctuated between 0.99 cents and $1.08. As an investor, however, it’s important to take note of trends. If you looked at Cardano price charts of all time, you would wonder whether its $1 price tag would last. It wouldn’t.

By February 2, 2018, the price of Cardano had been slashed by over half, bringing it back down to just 0.39 cents. It then closed on March 25, 2018, at a mere 0.18 cents, a far cry from the $1 it had seen at the beginning of January.

Cardano (ADA) to USD Price

The Cardano price today, while not beneficial for those who chose to invest in January of 2018, is not a sign of times to come. If you invest now, you may see significant returns within the next 12 months. The key to knowing when to hold or fold is to check out the Cardano price live. Pay attention to trends and fluctuation and choose your time wisely.

The Future Price of Cardano

The Cardano to USD price is only something we can predict, and we can never know for sure. If you’re wondering whether you should buy ADA today, then yes. You may see gains on your investment in as little as 12 months, and these gains may far surpass general interest rates you receive by just leaving your money in the bank.

ADA most certainly can be a profitable investment option. As the price of Cardano today is 0.16 cents, you can expect a return of close to $600 within a year if you invested just $100. By 2023, it is forecast that your $100 investment in Cardano can be worth as much as $3,600.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, or you’re new to the game, Cardano as an investment opportunity is well worth looking into. While it’s only worth 0.16 cents as of March 2018, the future is looking bright. As it has been deemed a threat to the more dominant players in the market, there’s every reason to keep an eye on Cardano as a platform, and its cryptocurrency, ADA.