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Bitcoin Cash Price Live Chart

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The Price Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

There is a common misconception that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, but the two are very different – not only in value but structure. Bitcoin is capable of storing 1mb of transaction data, whereas Bitcoin Cash uses a more substantial block capable of storing eight times as much transaction data. As a result, it can process it a lot faster than Bitcoin, as well. It’s also not interchangeable with Bitcoin, uses different wallets and addresses, and does not function in the same way either. In fact, the Bitcoin Cash Price is also vastly different, with Bitcoin Cash price graphs showing steady values from its inception in mid-2017, to today.

USD to BCH: Bitcoin Cash to US Dollar Price

In July 2017, Bitcoin Cash Price Charts were showing a BCH to USD rate of between $347.83 and $578.97. In the same period, Bitcoin (BTC) had a closing rate of $2873.83. There is a significant difference in value between the two, and it’s important to note that the Bitcoin Cash to USD rate fluctuates, typically, on a much less dramatic scale.

By August 6, 2017, the Bitcoin Cash to USD price had dropped to the $223 mark but had increased to $1091.97 by August 19 – a difference of close to 132 percent in less than a fortnight. However, Bitcoin Cash price exchanges show this value could not be sustained, and the beginning of September saw Bitcoin Cash start off at $645.52, and not straying too far from $500, $600, and $700. However, its closing value in September was a little over $445.

If there’s one thing that Bitcoin Cash price charts of all time show, it’s consistency. While cryptocurrencies as a whole are typically quite volatile, there are few significant drops or falls – regardless of what other cryptocurrencies are doing at the time. As a result, October on Bitcoin Cash price exchanges saw the value fluctuate from as low as $200, through to high four-hundreds. By October 29, it had reached its peak of $526.12.

The Price History of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

In November and December, the Bitcoin Cash price history got a little unusual, much to the delight of investors. November averaged a Bitcoin Cash to USD value of $600, before skyrocketing to $1034.77 on November 10. However, just two days later, that Bitcoin Price in USD rose by over 82 percent, reaching new heights of $2,477,65. It then took a slight nose-dive, plateauing at around $1,000 for the remainder of the month.

December, however, was the real surprise, especially if you were watching the Bitcoin Cash Price Live on your computer or smartphone. If you look at the Bitcoin Cash price today, you will see it’s around the “average” point for what you’d expect, especially given its history, but the Bitcoin Cash price now is nothing to what it was in December.

The beginning of December 2017 started as ordinarily as any other, with the price of Bitcoin Cash fluctuating around the $1,000 mark. However, just two weeks in, on December 14, it almost doubled to $2080.41. On December 20, it then increased by 70 percent to $4355.62, before averaging out to high $2,000 and $3,000 values for the remainder of the month.

The Future Price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

By 2018, the price of Bitcoin Cash had settled a little bit, with values of around the $1,000 mark, ending the month on $1,522.87. However, February marked the beginning of a drop back to three figures, with $978.91 on February 6. As of February 25, one BCH to USD is at the $1200 mark.

If you have been considering investing in cryptocurrency but you’re not sure in which direction to head, consider Bitcoin Cash. While it’s not worth as much as Bitcoin (yet), it does offer the consistency for which many investors are looking.