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23 Year Old Russian Crypto-Millionaire Found Dead

May 8, 2018

Russian Crypto-Millionaire Found Dead

Pavel Makushin, a Russian crypto-millionaire, and YouTube blogger has been found dead in his St. Petersburg apartment. According to authorities and his mother, it seems to be a case of suicide.

While Makushin was living in Leningrad Oblast in January, he was assaulted by masked robbers who entered his home and stole 24 million rubles from his safe. He also claimed after the robbery that some of the money taken wasn’t even his. According to him, the theft occurred due to his actions of showing off his wealth in his YouTube videos. For that very reason, he didn’t upload a single video for the past three months.

After this incident, he moved into the St. Petersburg apartment with his mother, where he was found dead without any signs of outside intervention.

Local media has reported that further investigations are in process to figure out the real reason behind the unfortunate demise of the young crypto millionaire.